Ancient Haida poles, Haida Gwaii
(Daryl Benson/Masterfile photo)

Northern British Columbia

View of the Northern Lights from Stone Mountain Provincial Park (Andrew Strain photo)

View of the Northern Lights from Stone Mountain Provincial Park (Andrew Strain photo)

Northern BC's vast wilderness is larger than California or Japan, and twice the size of the United Kingdom.

It is a land of unlimited adventure filled with jagged mountain peaks, roaring rivers, serene lakes, green valleys, rugged coastlines and ancient island archipelagos.

The mountain ranges, which dominate the northern landscape, were shaped by volcanic fire. The rugged, heavily forested valleys between them were carved by glaciers, which at one time covered most of the province. 

Much of Northern BC is preserved and protected by a world-class system of provincial parks and nature reserves. The stunning landscape features turquoise-coloured glacial lakes, alpine meadows, hot springs, volcanic cinder cones and a miniature Grand Canyon.

Visit pristine wilderness areas accessible only by horseback, charter plane or on foot; explore the Great Bear Rainforest or head to idyllic lakeside campgrounds with every modern amenity. The region is known for its magnificent freshwater and saltwater fishing, paddling, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling. Parks provide habitats and sanctuary for wildlife as small as birds and as large as grizzly bears.


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